Post Acute Respiratory Program

Post Acute Respiratory Program

Respiratory Therapy Support For Your Peace of Mind
24 hours per day - 7 days per week - 365 days per year


With over 30 years experience in Respiratory Care at the Acute Care level, Fitzsimmons is now proud to offer a comprehensive Respiratory Program for Post Acute facilities.

  Fitzsimmons will partner with your facility to:

  • Increase Respiratory Acuity Level

  • Maximize Nursing Staff Productivity & Efficiency

  • Enhance Revenue Growth Opportunities

  • Reduce Respiratory Related Hospital Re-admissions


RT Services


Our experienced and dedicated therapists will work on site at your facility to provide support and consult on the following services:

  • Respiratory Assessments

  • New Resident Consult

  • Patient Education

  • COPD Walk & Assessment

  • High Flow Setup

  • Bipap/Cpap Setup

  • Overnight Oximetery

  • Trach Care & Trach Changes



On Site Education & Clinical Training

Our Respiratory education and training program ensures that your staff operates at maximum capacity, efficiency & competence.

  • Trach care & suctioning

  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Hand Held Nebullzer Training

  • Bipap/Cpap

  • High Flow Therapy

  • Basic Respiratory Assessment

  • Cough Assist/Vest Therapy





Fitzsimmons offers the latest technology in respiratory equipment. Our acute level equipment will allow your faoility to treat the higher acuity residents and prevent hospital re-admissions.

  • High Flow Setup

  • Bipap/Cpap Therapies

  • Vest Systems

  • Pulse Oximeters

  • Portable Oxygen