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Offers as a courtesy to our customers,
a number of Clinical Education Programs.
These programs are provided on-site and are
at no cost to your facility.


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Program Outlines



Art Meets Science:

Identifying Tissue Type, Staging, Measurement and Documentation

- 60 min.

This course provides a foundation for wound assessment and documentation required for admission and readmission, when and where to document. The step-by-step instruction includes the required elements of wound documentation, the latest definitions and staging of pressure injury, according to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, identification of tissue types, accurate measuring and documentation.



The Foundations of Dressing Selection:

45-60 min.

This course identifies dressings by category, indications for use, dressing properties, advantages and disadvantages. The presentation will include both advanced and traditional modalities, antimicrobial dressings, moisture retentive and absorptive dressings, as well as dressings related to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.



Pressure lnjuries:

Demystifying Staging

- 30 min.

Focusing on Pressure Injury, this course provides an updated and detailed examination of the latest Pressure Injury terminology and definitions from the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. Each stage, including the newly developed stages are discussed, identifying them by their haracteristics.



NPWT is NOT a Four-Letter Word:

- 30 min.

Explaining the science behind negative pressure wound therapy, this presentation explains macro-strain and micro-strain, use in different wound etiologies. indications, precautions and contraindications, and compares the differences between Continuous vs. Variable vs. Intermittent modes.



Meeting the Challenges in Bariatric Care:

- 45-60 min.

Examining the changes and challenges in caring for the Bariatric patient in today’s care environment, this presentation will define morbid obesity and review the associated health consequences and current treatments. The course will highlight some of the considerations and solutions to care Challenges for the patient and staff, with emphasis on providing care in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. It will identify and differentiate the various types of specialized equipment for the care of morbidly obese patients.



The Skin Master’s Game - No Jeopardy:

- Times Vary

Designed for the STNA/CNA staff, this game is a fun way to engage the learner in care of residents/patients who are at risk for skin breakdown ahd/or wounds, focusing heavily on prevention. The categories include Skin Overview, Skin Breakdown, Positioning in Bed, Seating Tips, and the Role of the STNA in patient care.



Clinical Education Benefits



  • Trained Instructors

  • No Cost to the Facility

  • Programs Provided On-Site

  • Useful as Part of a Plan of Correction



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